Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw No. 1804-13, adopted on March 25, 2013 and last revised October 15, 2020, establishes rules and regulations that apply to how properties can be used or developed in the City of Wetaskiwin. The LUB divides the community into land use districts and determines the permitted and discretionary uses within that district.

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Land Use Bylaw No. 1804-13: 

Entire Land Use Bylaw - Office Consolidation (PDF)

Land Use Bylaw No. 1804-13 is divided into 11 sections:

Part 1. Title and Contents

Part 1. Title and Contents outlines the layout of the Land Use Bylaw and covers repeal, enactment and transition procedures, and what is required before a development can be approved. 

Part 2. Definitions

Part 2. Definitions lists the meaning of the terms utilized in the Land Use Bylaw. 

Part 3. Administration 

Part 3. Administration establishes the duties of the subdivision and development authority, development variances, developments that do not require a development permit, development agreements, bylaw amendments, and compliance certificates. 

Useful Sections:

Section 3.5 Variance to Regulations

Section 3.6 Limitation of Variances

Section 3.8 Developments Not Requiring a Development Permit

Part 4. Application

Part 4. Application determines what is required to be submitted for development permit applications, discretionary use applications, and sign permit applications. In addition, this section covers conditions attached to a development permit, deemed refusals, and the validity and expiry of a development permit.  

Part 5. Appeals

Part 5. Appeals establishes how and when an applicant can commence with a development and subdivision appeal. 

Part 6. Establishment of Districts

Part 6. Establishment of Districts outlines the Zoning Districts within the City of Wetaskiwin. Included within each Zoning District are the permitted and discretionary uses, setbacks, building heights, and minimum floor area. 

Part 6. Establishment of Districts explains what can be built on your property. 

Use WebMap to search your Zoning District. 

Part 7. General Regulations 

Part 7. General Regulations contains regulations that apply to all zoning districts within the City of Wetaskiwin. 

 Useful Sections:

Section 7.1 Fences

Section 7.2 Decks, Patios, and Platforms

Section 7.3 Detached Garages, Carports, and Accessory Buildings

Section 7.6 Signs

Section 7.9 Building Separations

Section 7.20 Objects Prohibited or Restricted in Residential Districts 

Part 8. Specific Use Regulations 

Part 8. Specific Use Regulations are administered to specific use types (Home Office, Apartment Building, Intermodal Container Storage, etc.) and provide additional regulations on how these use types can operate. 

Useful Sections:

Section 8.5.1 Secondary Suite

Section 8.7.1 Home Office

Section 8.7.2 Minor Home-Based Business

Section 8.7.3 Major Home-Based Business

Part 9. Land Subdivision Considerations

Part 9. Land Subdivision Considerations provides regulations, reference of documents and other regulations to persons considering applying for subdivision of land and the development of such land into serviced lots of the items they must consider before application. This does not cover all items however does provide a basic understanding of the planning considerations. 

Part 10. Contraventions, Violations and Penalties

Part 10. Contraventions, Violations, and Penalties establishes the Development Authorities' ability to instruct enforcement against contraventions and violations of the Land Use Bylaw. 

Part 11. Classification of Land into Land Use Districts

Part 11. Classifications of Land into Land Use Districts is a map outlining all land use districts in Wetaskiwin.