Photo Radar

Photo Radar

Photo radar is used to increase speed awareness and change driver behaviour. It is a proven preventable tool in speed enforcement. The City takes an open approach to the photo radar program and posts the location of Photo Radar units in advance on our website and in the local newspapers.

How will I know if I received a photo radar ticket?

Tickets are mailed directly to the registered owner of the vehicle. The ticket will include a picture of the vehicle with the license plate number, date, and time of infraction and recorded speed. Demerit points are not issued.

Where does the money go?

Revenue generation is not the purpose of the photo radar program. Photo radar is in place to enforce speed limits and traffic safety. All of the money received from photo radar tickets goes into traffic safety reserves for the City of Wetaskiwin, which assist with traffic safety initiatives such as flashing crosswalk signs, etc.

Questions? Contact our Community Peace Officers at 780.361.4401.