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The City of Wetaskiwin’s logo provides a clear, contemporary image that enhances local recognition of a symbol and name in connection with city services, facilities and programs, as well as recognition of funding provided.


In recognition of the City of Wetaskiwin’s 100th birthday in 2006, an official crest was granted by Robert Douglas Watt, Chief Herald of Canada on June 15, 2006.

Coat of Arms

A description of the City’s crest is as follows:

Arms: The hills refer to the nearby Peace Hills, the site of a peace treaty between Cree and Blackfoot circa 1867. The Cree word Witaskiwinik, meaning “hills of peace”, was adapted for location of the new settlement. The wild roses are a feature of the prairie and are the provincial flower of Alberta. The star at the top represents the North star.

Motto: Pacem Volo Bellum Paro, meaning “I wish for peace; I prepare for war” refers to the peace treaty between the Cree and Blackfoot nations (PDF).

Supporters: The Cree warrior refers to the event which gave the City its name, and the bear is an example of local wildlife.

Request a Copy

To request a digital copy of the City of Wetaskiwin logo or crest, or if you have any questions regarding the proper use of the City’s logo, please contact:

Communications | City of Wetaskiwin
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