Fitness Programs

Our Spring 2022 classes are now available here!

Spring Fitness Class Descriptions April - June

Body Burn Circuit - It’s the end of the week, let us help you get ready for the weekend with this 50 minute quick paced circuit class that uses weights and cardio for every major muscle group creating the perfect total body conditioning class.

Body Fusion ~ Tabata and Yin Yoga - Total Body Tabata, blends both strength and cardio activity, for a full body burn followed by Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga will relax both your mind and body helping you feel centered for the upcoming week.

Interval H.I.I.T. - Maximize your workout with our High Intensity Interval Training class! HIIT is an efficient way to scorch calories, even after class is done. Build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and overall endurance. A variety of interval intensities may be used. Prepare to get sweaty!

Fast 45 - You're a busy person - work, life, kids... HIIT the gym first thing in the morning to make sure you get your workout in. This 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training class is for you if you want a good cardio and strength workout without spending hours in the gym.

Hatha Rebalance Yoga - Want a yoga class that includes strengthening of muscles, joints and works to increase flexibility? This is the class for you! Together we will work on reducing muscle pain & soreness, as well as release tension while getting a great stability & core workout in.

Lean & Mean - Lean & Mean is a fast paced workout using weights, body weight and mats giving you a mix of strength and aerobic exercises to tone you up, and lean you out.

Restorative Stretch - Unwind your mind and loosen your muscles. Our busy lifestyles don’t always give us the time we require to restore our body from day-to-day activities. This class offers you a chance to slow down, loosen your muscles and breathe.

Seniors Friendly Movement & Functionality - This class will work within major joint range of motions and strengthen the body for daily actions such as lifting, sitting & walking. Class will include a thorough warm up with major joint articulation and a deep stretch at the end to help leave you feeling strong, stable & flexible.

Spin Time - Get your cardio on! This high intensity, upbeat class is designed to get you moving fast and sweating buckets. Enjoy a fast paced, upbeat class that will keep you motivated and energized. Finish your day on a good note with this 45 minute indoor cycle class perfect for all fitness levels.

Strength Re-Boot - This full body workout will have you burning tons of calories, even after the workout is over. Classes are filled with a variety of movements that use bodyweight and equipment to increase our strength and cardio. This class is perfect for all fitness levels so let’s get stronger together!

Sun Salutations Yoga - Awaken your morning with sun salutations. Open the lower back, hips & mind by starting your day on the mat. Sun Salutations will reverse our daily actions by opening the chest and stretching the hamstrings, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day.

Weigh to Spin - Get your cardio in with a dash of weights that is bound to help you tone and make you sweat.