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Public Hearings

Public Hearings allow the public the opportunity to express concerns regarding land use issues and more. Public Hearings related to the Land Use Bylaw are required prior to a second reading by Council. City Council may call a Public Hearing if there is a new bylaw or resolution being proposed that they deem public consultation necessary for. Members of the public may also call a Public Hearing, granted that they provide a sufficient petition. More details about Public Hearings and petition requirements are outlined in the Municipal Government Act (MGA – Sec. 230). For more information regarding the City of Wetaskiwin’s procedures for a Public Hearing please contact our Legislative Executive Assistant at 780.361.4409 or send an email to

*in-person attendance at City Council meetings is limited due to provincial health restrictions. Attendance via virtual online meetings is encouraged.*

Upcoming Public Hearings



DATE: February 28, 2022

TIME: 1:00 PM

LOCATION: City Hall, or via electronic video conference (link to be posted at

You are invited to provide input on the proposed removal of Municipal Reserve designation from a 1.3 acre portion of Plan 8721715, Block 9, Lot 27 MR (222 Northmount Drive), for the purpose of sale. The land contains a privately owned building and a parking lot. All proceeds from the sale must be used for park purposes. Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 2.53.08 PM

If you wish to address Council on this matter, you must register to speak by contacting the Manager of Planning and Development either by phone at 780.335.2900 or by email at by no later than 12:00 noon on February 25, 2022.

If you are unable to attend the public hearing, you may submit written comments to be presented to Council at the public hearing. Written submissions may be delivered to City Hall, or sent by regular mail to be received by February 25, 2022 to:

City of Wetaskiwin, Attention: Planning and Development

Box 6210

Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2E9

If you have any questions regarding the proposed reserve designation removal, please contact Andrew Chell, Manager of Planning and Development, at 780.335.4900, or by email at