The Wetaskiwin Cemetery

5516 51 Avenue, Wetaskiwin

Brief Background
The Wetaskiwin Cemetery is the older of the two local cemeteries. It was started in 1893 and is currently owned and operated by the City of Wetaskiwin.  This cemetery houses a mausoleum which still has vaults available for sale.

Aerial view of the Wetaskiwin Cemetery

The Wetaskiwin Memorial Cemetery

6310 47 Street, Wetaskiwin

Brief Background
Wetaskiwin's Memorial Cemetery was started in the late 1960s and is funded jointly by the City and County of Wetaskiwin. This cemetery has full body and cremation plots available for sale. The Memorial Cemetery also has a columbarium, which has niches available for purchase. 

Aerial View of Memorial Cemetary

Burial Permits and other requirements

Why does the City require me to get a permit before I can inter my loved one at one of the Wetaskiwin cemeteries? There are many requirements that the City, and the families of the deceased, must follow as part of the Province of Alberta Cemeteries Act.

To make arrangements for interment please contact our Public Works Office at 780.361.4436 or email cemeteries@wetaskiwin.ca 

All monument installations, replacements, and inscription changes require a Monument Permit (PDF).  For more information, please refer to either our Wetaskiwin Cemetery Bylaw (PDF), the Memorial Cemetery Bylaw (PDF), or contact our Public Works Office at 780.361.4436 or email cemeteries@wetaskiwin.ca 

Burial listing and locations for both the Wetaskiwin Cemetery and the Wetaskiwin Memorial Cemetery can be viewed on WebMap. Please log in as a guest to view locations. 

Funeral Home Documents

Please refer to the following documents for all interment and/or plot purchase requests and return completed forms to cemeteries@wetaskiwin.ca for processing.

Genealogy Requests

Please contact the Wetaskiwin Genealogical Society at 780.352.2150 regarding all genealogy requests.