Wetaskiwin Sanitary Landfill

NOTE: The City of Wetaskiwin is no longer offering free dump week to residents.

Landfill Fees

(Accepted methods of payment are cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, and on account)

Tipping Fee$108.42 per tonne
$11.43 minimum fee per load (100 kg)
Concrete and Asphalt$28.57 per tonne
Compost (City residents only)Free
Volume Basis$11.65 per m3
Clean Wood Waste - Residential
(Branch disposal free for residents only)
Regular Tipping Fee
($11.43 minimum fee)
Clean Wood Waste - Commercial$108.42 per tonne
Commercial Solid Waste (local only)$108.42 per tonne
Non-Resident Tipping Fee
(Includes solid waste, compost, wood waste, concrete or asphalt)
$119.90 per tonne
($28.57 minimum fee / load (up to 210 kg)
Untagged Appliances (containing freon/refrigerant)$17.14 recovery fee plus Tipping Fee
Tagged Appliances (freon/refrigerant removed)Tipping Fee

A fee of $114.18 per call will be charged for staff call outs for statutory holidays and other occasions of landfill closure.

About the Landfill

Every load brought to the landfill is weighed and directed to the proper disposal area. Household garbage goes to the working face with separate areas for metal, tires, compost, concrete, asphalt, and clean wood/branches. The working face is packed daily and covered every two days.

On average, over 18,000 tonnes of waste is delivered to the Wetaskiwin Sanitary Landfill every year. Of that amount, 10,000 tonnes (55%) is recycled or otherwise diverted from the working face.


For more information please contact Public Works at 780.361.4436 or the landfill at 780.352.7772.