Wetaskiwin Major Employers

The Future

The City of Wetaskiwin is proud to be home to a number of successful brands.  We are fortunate to have history, heritage and a culture that fosters relationships and collaboration throughout the region to ensure both our businesses and residents succeed in Wetaskiwin. Get our diverse and dedicated workforce working for your success and join in a story of growth.

Home Hardware Western Canadian Distribution Centre

Home Hardware Western Distribution chose Wetaskiwin as their home base to service Western Canada in 1983. The defining factors were the central location, access to customers, market opportunities and truck route accessibility.  

Home Hardware Western Distribution Centre operates from a sprawling 715,000 square foot facility, dispatching am astonishing array of over 60,000 SKUS.  To satiate the ever-growing demand, they have recently expanded their footprint by an additional 60,000 square feet!  With an esteemed workforce of over 430 individuals, Home Hardware fuels the local economy and is instrumental to the community and a success story we are proud to share.


Manluk Industries

With a legacy rooted in the 1970’s, Manluk Industries has flourished as a trailblazer I the realm of turnkey manufacturing solutions.  Servicing the needs of Wetaskiwin and the area’s industrial, agricultural, and automotive industries led to the company expanding into the oil and gas market.

Anchored by a robust team of over 200 dedicated professionals, we are proud Manluk Industries continues to call Wetaskiwin home.  https://manluk.com/


Supreme International 

Supreme International is an esteemed family-run enterprise with a rich agricultural heritage dating back to the 1950’s. By intertwining their local roots with the invaluable insights of the farming community, they have introduced new products across North America including feeders, manure wagons, tillers and balers.

 Employing more than 95 people, with 75% of the factory having Journeyman trades and Apprentices, the high skill level is reflected in the quality of their products.  Find out more: https://supremeinternational.com/


Wetaskiwin Co-op

Throughout its rich history of over 100 years, the Wetaskiwin Co-operative Association has consistently intertwined itself within the fabric of the community, serving as a supply store, business network and invaluable community hub.  

From the moment the reliable golden mare made the inaugural fertilizer delivery in 1917, to the establishment of the cutting-edge custom chemical blending facility, the Wetaskiwin Co-op has remained an unwavering cornerstone for the Wetaskiwin and surrounding agricultural community.  

We are proud to have the Wetaskiwin Co-op continue to be a central hub and an example of the thriving agricultural business.  Find out more: https://www.wetaskiwinco-op.crs/sites/wetaskiwin/