Economic Development in Wetaskiwin

Welcome to Wetaskiwin Economic Development Department!

In Wetaskiwin, it's easier to connect with policy makers who are open to ideas that enhance our city, and who are motivated to support your growth.  Be assured our resilient economy ensures we are open for and to business.

Economic success and prosperity--especially for our local businesses--is a top priority. As such, we have moved away from the traditional Economic Development approach and are prioritizing grassroots development to revitalize the community. We are focusing on small businesses, entrepreneurs, local events, and fostering a sense of City pride and belonging.

Advantages of Investing in Wetaskiwin

If you’re looking to invest in Wetaskiwin, you’re not alone! Over 700 businesses are proud to call Wetaskiwin home, and our proximity to road, rail, and air transportation routes is second to none.

Wetaskiwin is open for business!

If you have any ideas for a new business or City event, would like to talk about your business expansion, relocation or investment in the City of Wetaskiwin, please contact Candace Coughlan at or call 780-335-7410

Economic Development Toolbox

  • Trading Area (2014 Census)
    Primary Trading Area Population: 50,264
    Secondary Trading Area Population: 93,637
  • Labour Force
    A regional skilled workforce of 7500 people
  • Commercial Lease Pricing
    $10 - $15 per sq. ft.
  • Taxes (Mill Rates)
    Non-Residential: 19.1748
    Residential: 9.6101
  • Population (2016 Census)
    12,655 people
  • House Prices
    $250,000 average price for 3-bedroom home
Downtown Wetaskiwin 04