Service Levels

Enforcement Services Department Service Level Inventory 

City Administration developed a service level inventory to provide an enhanced level of transparency and accountability for programs delivered by the Enforcement Services Department within the community. 

This inventory acts as a proactive management tool to ensure programs delivered in the community align with existing staffing resources. The service level inventory is organized by each program the Enforcement Services Department currently delivers to the community. Where applicable, sub-programs have been identified to ensure that all aspects of program delivery are captured. Program descriptions for each program and sub-program have been provided to ensure the context of the program is documented so the community can understand how the program is delivered.

 Administration documented what governs the standard for program delivery, details of the level of service provided to the community, and targets that help Administration evaluate whether program delivery is meeting the communities expectations.


City Administration will use the approved Services Level Inventory to provide Administration and Council with accurate reporting on general operations starting in Q3 (July 1 to September 30) 2023. City Administration will also use the approved Service Level Inventory to assess current workloads against Council expectations and identify whether future resources may be required. Any future resources would be submitted as part of the annual budget process.

Approved Service Level Inventory 

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