Parade of Programs

Please note that due to COVID-19, there will not be a physical Parade of Programs booklet published for Spring/Summer 2021.

The City of Wetaskiwin publishes two program guides every year: Spring & Summer, and Fall & Winter.

These program guides showcase the many seasonal educational, recreational, and personal wellness programs taking place in and around Wetaskiwin. Two parade of program events take place each year (one in the Spring and one in the Fall) when the program guides are released, which allows local organizations to showcase their programs and services. 

Parade of Programs: Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, all Parade of Program events are postponed until further notice.

Please check the Wetaskiwin Parade of Programs Facebook page to share your programming.


Please refer to our Program Guide Information and FAQ document for assistance. If your question isn’t addressed in this document, please contact us (information supplied below).


Please email Parade of Programs or phone 780.361-4400 with any questions.