City Manager

Sue Howard is the City Manager for the City of Wetaskiwin. The City Manager reports directly to City Council and is their only employee. The City Manager works with Council to ensure their vision and governance is implemented throughout the organization by working with senior leadership to develop initiatives to make sure City operations are meeting the needs of the public and delivering on Council's vision and directed levels of service.

My leadership style is collaborative and my promise to the community is to be involved, open, transparent, and willing to listen. I look forward to helping this community become the community you want it to be through strong governance and open two-way communication.
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The City Manager leads the organization by implementing the policies and programs set out by Council. The City Manager advises and informs Council on matters of the organization, performs the duties as set out in the City Manager Bylaw, and exercises the powers assigned to the position through the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Welcome to the City of Wetaskiwin!

Wetaskiwin has a long and rich culture. Our City's name originates from a Cree word meaning "the place of peace". This legacy endures today in a time of truth and reconciliation. Wetaskiwin, the City of Peace, is a place where we continue to build our future. We are a proud and giving community that care about our neighbours. We want to provide our families with a good and happy life. We have a large number of citizens that show their pride in representing this community, as well as preserving our history.

The City of Wetaskiwin employs a team of dedicated staff who are committed to providing our citizens with the best possible programs and services. As we look to the future we are exploring continuous improvement initiatives and finding new ways to use technology to improve your customer service experience. I am very pleased to work with such a strong senior leadership team toward an exciting future!


You may contact the City Manager’s office by phone at 780.361.4409 or by email. *All correspondence to the City Manager is channeled through the Legislative Executive Assistant.

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