South East Industrial Park

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Quick Facts

  • No Provincial Sales, Payroll or Capital Taxes
  • No Business Tax
  • No Offsite Levies
  • 8% Provincial Tax Rate
  • No Machinery and Equipment Taxation

City of Wetaskiwin's Industrial Development Tax Incentive

As of July 2020, The City of Wetaskiwin offers a non-residential tax incentive for new industrial developments and expansions on a sliding scale over a three-year period.

  • Year 1 Incentive on Municipal Tax Levy.....75%
  • Year 2 Incentive on Municipal Tax Levy.....50%
  • Year 3 Incentive on Municipal Tax Levy.....25%

Don’t just dream... do! Build your light or heavy industrial business at South East Industrial Park, and take comfort knowing we will be with you every step of the way.


Candace Coughlan
Economic Development Manager
City of Wetaskiwin
Phone: 780-361-4406
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