Metal & Machine Fabrication


Why Wetaskiwin:

Wetaskiwin has a proven history of being the right choice for manufacturers. Since the 1950s manufacturing companies have chosen Wetaskiwin as the right fit for their business, find out some of the reasons why:


Metal and Machinery

Fast Facts:

  • Alberta is Canada’s second largest metal manufacturing centers with Central Alberta a major manufacturing hub, making Wetaskiwin an ideal location
  • Wetaskiwin is located just off the Canamex Trade Corridor linking Canada, the United States and Mexico by road.
  • Wetaskiwin is 10 minutes from the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEII) which is the transportation backbone of the Alberta economy.
  • The City of Wetaskiwin is strategically located on Highway 2A, linking Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary and Highway 13 linking to Eastern Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Wetaskiwin serves as a junction point for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP)
  • The Edmonton International Airport is 35 minutes from Wetaskiwin
  • The Wetaskiwin Regional Airport is located along Victor 301W (low altitude air highway between Calgary and Edmonton), just outside of the Edmonton control zone.
  • There is a diverse workforce at comparatively low wages with a high percentage of occupations in the transport/equipment operator’s category.
  • Wetaskiwin was one of the first Alberta Communities to partner with Telus on installing PureFibre servicing throughout the City ensuring all businesses, residents and institutions have access to the fastest internet speeds.
  • The City of Wetaskiwin offers a 3-year Industrial Tax Incentive for new development (year 1: 75%, year 2: 50%, year 3: 25%)
  • The City of Wetaskiwin does not charge machinery & equipment taxation
  • Alberta’s Corporate Tax Rate is 8%

The following list of companies are involved in The City of Wetaskiwin Fabricated Metal and Machinery Manufacturing:

Manluk Industries

Nucor Grating

Supreme International

Masco Cranes

AC Dandy

Kimto Manufacturing


WW Machining

Mayguard Welding

Arctos Fabrication

Alberta Box Center